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Innoscene 2011

november 2011,  Germany

From November, 16th to November, 18th 2011 near Frankfurt am Main financial centre the event by Roder and its partners was held. Offenbach (Germany), where Innoscene 2011 took place, has become the centre of attraction for representatives of the event-industry from all over the world.

Pavilion Curve Tent equipped with a transparent cloth served as a registration zone; it comprised a reception desk, cloakroom and sanitary units. The pavilion connected two main platforms of the event - Daily Tent (the basis - Big Tent 30x100 m) and Evening Tent (it consisted of pavilion Solution 30x20 m, that was mounted on the Bi-Level structure, which in its turn was adjusted to Solution 30x40 m structure with for the first time mounted wall height 10 m).

Hospitality zone was placed in Big Tent 30x100 m with H 4. The exhibition was set in an interesting way: inside the main pavilion Roder tent constructions of small sizes were erected: Party Tent Bodega, Curve Tent and Party Tent Hexagonal where the participants presented their products. Visitors of the event had an opportunity to see different projects made by Roder partners. There was a bar counter in the centre of the pavilion and a catering zone in the additional tent. Thanks to the glass panels guests of the event could see what was going on in the kitchen.

In pavilion Wine Tent 6x15 m, equipped with glass and aluminum panels, lectures on organization of events in tent constructions were read. Near the main pavilion in Party Tent HighLight 5x5 m there was a smoking area.

In the framework of Innoscene 2011 the main types of basic Roder tent structures were mounted: warehouse pavilion S-75 10x15 m, inside which visitors could see washing device for tents; tent structure H-Line 15x20 m with H 6 m and metal roller gates; round pavilion Roder Dome 150; Big Tent 20 m with a pike-shaped roof, an abat jour and an octagonal annex 20 m; pavilion Party Tent Holiday with a modulus 5 m and wall height 3 m as well as examples of beam structures Party Tent, Big Tent and H-Line with different heights and profiles.
The evening program was shown in the complex of pavilions Solution. The essential lighting and sound equipment as well as the scene with a huge screen took their place in the tent with a wall height 10m and a massive structure Solution 30x40.

Smoking area and bar were organized on the 2d level of the pavilion with H 6 m, that was made as a balcony. The 1st and 2d levels were connected with a broad staircase. Owing to the state-of-the-art heating equipment along the perimeter of the structure, inside the pavilion the temperature was kept on a comfortable level. For better air conditioning the pavilions were equipped with air outlet ports.

In the course of the exhibition a number of novelty products were presented: for pavilions Big Tent and Wine Tent specialists developed a special isolated double cloth with a compressor to make the constructions energy-efficient. To demonstrate the advantages of such clothes the organizers carried out an experiment: they mounted 2 tent structures Wine Tent 10x10 with wall height 3 m. One of them was equipped with double tent cloth, put on the roof and walls; the other was erected in a basic configuration. Both tents had special ventilating fans which warmed the pavilion up to 18 degrees while controllers showed the energy-saving characteristics of the pavilion with double walls.

Guests of the event could also see a pavilion with Solar Panels on its roof, exhibition samples with PVC-fillings of different design, pavilion Party Tent HighLight with fully transparent walls made of polypropylene, Party Tent HighLight 8x8 and 10x10 with aluminum and glass panels.

For the first time guests of the event saw tent structures RODER DICE 3x3 m, 4x4 m, 5x5 m made on basis of party Tent HighLight's profiles with a flat roof which is an "air-pillow".

 For already many years there is no better place to see all novelty products and trends in the sphere of event organization in tent constructions and discuss all current issues with event-specialists from all over the world than Innoscene. This year hasn't become an exception to this rule and Innoscene 2011 has proved its reputation.

















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