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Alfa Jazz Fest 2012

June 2012, Lemberg

Alfa Jazz Fest can truly be considered as one of the greatest event in concert industry. This holiday visited such kind of people for whom jazz is interested not only as music style but as life style.

For this great event TENT PLETTAC company was chosen as tent provider.
Task was very difficult: erect cover for more than 2000 seats, big stage and VIP – area.

TENT PLETTAC made erection of such huge tent which never erected in Ukraine before. It was Big Tent with width 50m, length 50m, height 3.85m, and height in  the peak - incredible 12m.
Total area was 2500 m?. Also tent construction was equipped with transparent roof which is absolute novelty for Ukrainian market of tents.

Inside was located big stage. And you can see on it world stars of jazz music.

Also inside were erected seats for 2000 people and VIP area on the second floor erected in the tent.

Erection of this tent was very difficult if remember about terms and specificity of place.
But everything was made on the highest level.