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Sale tent systems

Range of use of frame and tent construction is very wide. It is not only open air events but also sheltering swimming pools and tennis courts, temporary exhibition pavilions, temporary open air cafes, storehouses, quick-mounting hangars and temporary industrial facilities as well as tent shelters for various purposes. As applying international experience and the one if its own TENT PLETTAC offers high-quality servicing, flexible solutions and unique ideas to protect you and your business from the stress of weather.  
Uniqueness of the construction enables erection span up to 60 m without any support columns.
With modular system is very easy to make changes in length.

небольшие корпоративы, общественное питание и гостинничное хозяйство отличный выбор для проведения торжеств
tent pavilions PARTY TENT tent pavilions WINE TENT
временное пространство для больших событий мобильные складские павильоны
tent pavilions BIG TENT tent pavilons STORAGE TENT
необычные, привлекательные, выделяющи стихийные бедствия, гуманитарные операции, экскурсии ...
tent pavilions SPECIAL TENT tents  SAS
tent pavilions - Aircraft hangars tent pavilions - covering sports fields

Additional options for tent structures:

plastic door
aluminum door
Walls - awning with "french windows"
Walls - transparent tent
Walls - Alu-Glass panels
Walls - Aluminum Panel
Walls - Plastic panel
Roof - opaque tent
Roof - transparent tent
wooden floor пол деревянный
compact floor пол компактный
cassette floor пол кассетный