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It is not enough just to buy or rent a structure of necessary size and shape to get the desired premise. It is necessary to assembly this structure, give structure exterior and interior, which will correspond to an event and a purpose.

The issue of purchasing or rental of premise is discussed on the page you can go now. You can find out a leasing, which can be imagined as a long-term rent (in our case it is a tent or marquee) with further purchase.

An installation a tent should be performed in strict accordance with the recommendations of technical documentation. This important condition provides durability, reliability and safety of   structure exploitation. Who can better make such installation as a specially trained team of workers with many years’ experience? This team is a part of TENT PLETTAC. And our clients often use such service with pleasure. It helps them to save time for searching companies to installation of tents and it protect them from the risk of bad quality the installation. An availability of own logistics and transport service, trucks and mechanisms allows us to implement a plan of structures supply to the object according to a Contract.

Continuous and close contact with managers of RÖDER group helps us to provide different additional elements for our clients, such as a transparent tent covering, sandwich panels, “warm roof”, windows, doors, gates, floor covering, power supply and conditioning systems and other materials as well.

It addition TENT PLETTAC proposes its own resources for the installation of such additional components as a stage or a podium which consist of scaffolding elements and formwork.  

All this creates an atmosphere, which corresponds to your event or a special purpose of your premises.

If you doubt in a choice of a necessary structure or its planning you can contact our specialists who will be happy to help you.



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