If you need a tent for parties, marquee for events or warehouse. There are different options of financing. If a structure of premise will be used during longer term in this case it is usually recommended to buy or rent of it. If it is one-time event such as a party, corporate party or other event which should be provided with “a roof over one’s head” then a better solution is a short term rental. A temporary premise also can be rented for overcoming of a lack of space – for example, when a company warehouse does not conform to a sudden big order.

If you need a RÖDER tent or hall for several days, weeks or months a rent of it will be the best option in this case. If a duration of planned purpose of premises grows out of this period, it is recommended a leasing (from 6 months until several years) which involves a possibility of purchase a leased premises by a lessee.

The following options of financing of our tents


You have an own RÖDER tents or halls system therefore it is always available for you in a short time and indefinitely. Owning of premium multi-purpose premises propose the advantage of providing a space even for projects with indefinite duration thereby adapting a calculation the costs to your needs.

When you purchase RÖDER tent or hall, you can create and use spatial solutions at any time. The tent systems provide ideal conditions for long-term projects. You can use them for builder’s yards or as warehouses or production halls. But all RÖDER systems are multipurpose and they can be used for many other purposes. They can be assembled and disassembled many times. It allows to use our tents (tent, marquee, hall) to create premises for countless events a wide range of clients.


No matter which event you plan Tent Plettac provides full range of tent systems and halls in accordance with your needs and ideas.

A rent of RÖDER tent or hall allows to create an ideal spatial solution for short or medium time. Fast assembling and disassembling of tent structures by our qualified staff is the fastest solution for creating premises to solve short-time or one-time needs. First of all, the rent of RÖDER mobile tents proposes an advantage in the search a professional solutions to make last minute changes.

Rental premises process instead of purchase of them has the decisive advantage: as compared to a purchase, a rent requires far less financial investments. After the end of an event and a useful life of temporary premises, it can be quickly and easily disassembled and returned. It allows to avoid an environmental pollution with former premises and to save them from destruction.


Get your RÖDER tents or halls system with our multipurpose leasing options on favorable terms. With us you will find more than just premises which is ideal for you. Also you will get the best financial options from famous leasing partners.

We propose tents for any budget! We are happy to give you the best advice regarding financing.



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