The Bible says: «In the beginning was the word» ... In TENT PLETTAC they say: At first it is a project. Smart project development is almost half the action. An organization of any event requires the maximum compliance of the structure of a premise with the form and content of your planned event, or some special method of application, such as a warehouse or a hangar. The premise should also create an appropriate atmosphere, promote pleasant communication between visitors and long remain in the memory of all its participants. The solution of such complex and responsible task is possible only during developing of well-thought-out project.

The group of highly qualified specialists with sufficient practical experience in such works to develop such projects works at TENT PLETTAC warehouse. If necessary, we connect the most experienced designers and technicians to the project. They will provide you not only support for your corporate style or family traditions, but also technical support in the form of power and air condition systems, data networks, stage equipment and other.

After approval of the project, you can use the service of our professional installers. Using our own logistic center, which includes vehicle fleet and loading and unloading machines and mechanisms, you can get timely implementation of the plan for the installation of your premises. At the same time, technical and design teams deal with all necessary technical support, corporate style design and design training. 

Installation of the mobile premise is performed in strict accordance with the technical requirements established for this structure. Technical support with the necessary equipment and design is performed in compliance with all established norms and rules of safety and fire safety requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the development and installation of tent – please contact our specialists who will be happy to help you.



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