SAS-TENTS - emergency tents

tents for a lockdown and emergency aid

Unusual and difficult situations require a special equipment, which provide a protection and facilitate a work. Hospitals and aid organizations need universal tents to hold people with coronavirus. The quality and reliability the tents for these events have a particular importance.

The tents of SAS series is ideal spatial solution for the premises as a primary testing center for coronavirus and as well as a passage and as emergency aid departments in the hospitals.

Thanks to completely equipped RÖDER premises, Living all requirements for comfort and safe lockdown accommodation will be optimally fulfilled.

overview of tents for emergencies

The SAS tents prove itself as mobile premises for outdoor events organized by clubs and youth groups; for first aid, for example, as premises at big events; as a medical tent; for use by police, fire department, military and emergency organizations. The mobile premises such as rubber and team tents are ideal for people temporary accommodation as a part of humanitarian aid.

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Field of application

The tents from RÖDER PUBLIC SERVICES reliably support teams in their dangerous work and provide a protection from the wind and the weather.


It is necessary to use medical treatment during big events such as sport events, concerts and city celebrations. It is recommended to use mobile medical tents and rescue tents to provide an optimal infrastructure in place for emergency services. The aid organizations, fire brigades, technical assistant organizations and humanitarian organizations also will find the best mobile solutions using RÖDER tents, which are suitable for any application scenario. Thanks to the latest installation, systems medical and rescue tents can be easily and fast installed. High-quality materials and a perfect quality of production provide durability and a long-term operation.

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    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER SAS-TENTS (0.95 MБ)



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