H-TENTS Holiday - functional and mobile

The H-TENTS from RÖDER are ideal for not big and medium events. They combine a modern look, compact sizes and fast and easy assembly and disassembly. Like almost all tent systems from RÖDER the H-TENTS series can be carefully adapted and individualized. You can choose spans, a length and a height and sizes of a module step as well (a distance to increase and to decrease a length of a structure). This big flexibility allows installing the H-TENTS in almost any possible place. High-quality materials and statically tested high stability provide a safety and a durability of their operation.

The H-TENTS series of accessories includes many additional components - from a system of floor covering to special frame structures, from doors and elements of a facade to heating and illumination systems.

We will answer all your questions regarding the Holiday tent of H-TENTS series. Please contact us.

Below you will find a list of basic information for standard H-TENTS pavilions for parties and celebrations.


    Overview of H-TENTS RÖDER awning designs (1.5 MБ)



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