HOLIDAY UNO H-TENTS - space, style, versatility

Whether it is a party or a product presentation, which attracts the public: the Holiday Uno tent of H-TENTS series is extremely diverse and proposes a big space for different events. A curved membrane covering with a peak roof or a normal tent roof can be in the center of the tent. Both options provide easy and safe assembly of illumination and sounds equipment, as well as decorative elements. Due to a choice of a step extension, the Holiday Uno tent can be perfectly adapted to the intended purpose and the expected quantity of people.

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Span 1000 cm
Bay distance / grid not limited / 300, 500 cm
Side height 230 cm
Ridge height 393 cm
Hight point 593 cm
Max. wind speed 80 km/h

You can find data and sizes for the standard Holiday Uno tent below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    H-TENTS RÖDER awning design overview (1.5 MБ)

    Technical data for the HOLIDAY UNO pavilion of the H-TENTS RÖDER 1000 cm (1.8 MБ)



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