The RÖDER group of companies, based in Büdingen, Hesse, is known worldwide for its modern, strong and visually attractive tent and hall systems. Thanks to individual solutions in the field of sport, events, industry and trade, public service and construction (and much more!) the Group has established itself worldwide. Its range includes individual solutions for all possible applications: extravagant tents for events give events of different types comfort, style and atmosphere; mobile halls combine productivity with cost-effectiveness; special tents for young people, aid units and government organizations propose a high degree of safety and mobility.

Development and design, production and distribution: RÖDER Group is a premium supplier that strives for maximum customer satisfaction through uncompromising full service.  RÖDER uses complex and sustainable quality management strategies to achieve this goal. The group is certified in accordance with European standards EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 14001: 2009

Wherever mobile premise systems are necessary for temporary or permanent use, the RÖDER Group proposes individual solutions and directs its customers from the first idea to the completion of project.

The history of RÖDER Group is the history of the global player

 The company RÖDER was founded in 1959 as a company for renting the tents with a wooden frame in Wolfernborn (Büdingen now), Hesse. The company was extended in 1965 to include the rent of steel framed tents. Decades later, the first own product was developed: in 1975 RÖDER put on the market a large tent made of aluminum frame of console (arch) type. A year later the company established its first subsidiary outside Germany: RÖDER France SARL in Beauvais, France became a foundation for the big extension that continues to this day.

In 1992, the RÖDER group became public and a year later, the German steel trader Klöckner & Co received a controlling interest. In 1998, the controlling interest went to Plettac AG (scaffolding production). In 2002, the RÖDER group withdrew from plettac AG as a result of the share buyback. In the following years, the value of the RÖDER shares increased sharply and became the most progressive on the German stock market. In 2007, the RÖDER Group entered into a partnership agreement with Swiss Zurmont Madison Management AG as a new majority shareholder. Thanks to this cooperation, RÖDER has entered the list of 500 largest companies in Europe.

2014 was a turning point in the history of RÖDER: in November, the group joined the German holding company RAG Foundation, which acted as a consultant and contributed to the further growth of the RÖDER group.

The strength of the company lies in the originality and versatility of modular and flexible systems of tents and halls. With a span of 3 to 60 m, a range of lengths and heights, halls up to 3 floors and countless applications and add-ons, the RÖDER group proposes an ideal spatial solution for premises of all needs - all over the world.





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