TENT PLETTAC is more that renting of tents

Tent plettac has been a specialist in the supply of permanent and temporary mobile premises for many years. There is a meeting before each sale or lease of tent structure (tent, marquee or hall) during which the individual requirements of each project are carefully studied. As a result: each customer receives the best solution for his premise.

TENT PLETTAC is a long-standing and friendly official representative of the RÖDER group in Ukraine. It allows us to supply the latest technology structures for projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time. If necessary, we will also be able to provide you a qualified information from our German partners who have the world’s largest experience in the use of tent mobile structures for temporary and long-term use.
Thanks to our long-term cooperation with RÖDER group, we provide our customers with all necessary additional equipment for mobile tent structures, such as: floor systems, air conditioning systems, illumination systems, independent power supply and other equipment and facilities.

RÖDER tent structures offered by TENT PLETTAC are used almost all over the world, regardless of climatic conditions: temperature, wind and snow loads and even ground for installation. The sphere of use of RÖDER mobile tents and halls has virtually no restrictions. From a tent of several meters for an exhibition or an outlet to multilevel halls (up to three floors) for the highest quality events for hundreds of visitors.

TENT PLETTAC proposes the use of various financial opportunities for the use of mobile tent structures. In can be purchase, rent or lease depending on the term for which you intend to use a tent, hall or marquee.

In the structure of Tent Plettac successfully and harmoniously operate departments of engineering, transport, logistic and installation services. Knowledge and experience of them will significantly help you to implement your most daring and demanding projects.

the short history of TENT PLETTAC LLC

1997 - supply to Ukraine the first tents as a part of MVM-Arnholdt the daughter enterprise of a German Plettac Group

1998 - rent, assembling and sale of company Röder tents. It was one of units of Plettac group then

2004 - formation of the company PLETTAC Ukraine as a successor of MVM-Arnholdt. Continuation of investment in the tent unit of Plettac Group

2008 - formation of the company TENT PLETTAC with main field of its activity frame-tent structures: rent, sale and assembling

2012 - installation of mobile tents during the final stage of EURO 2012 UEFA in Ukraine, Kyiv and Donetsk

2016-2018 - installation of tent town in Lviv for the international music festival Alfa Jazz Fest

2018 - installation the tents during the final of Eurovision 2018 in Kyiv

2018 - installation of tent town at the Olimpiyskiy stadium and Dynamo stadium with the finals of UEFA Champions League 2018 of women’s and men’s tournament

2020 - implementation of supply and installation project the logistics warehouse H-LINE RÖDER with the total area 6000 sq. m and width of a span 30 m. 68 gates equipped dock shelters and dock levelers were installed in this warehouse




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