HOLIDAY HEXAGONAL H-TENTS - functional hexagon

An uncompromising combination of a functionality and an aesthetics. The Holiday Hexagonal tent from H-TENTS series is particularly compact and ideal for use as an effective center of an event. It is available with both a tent roof and a high-precision membrane roof. A Choice of spans – from four to ten meters. A decoration with a special tarpaulin “RÖDER No.1“ makes the Holiday Hexagonal tent especially protected from dirt, water-repellent and fire-resistant.

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Span 400 - 1000 cm
Bay distance / grid 200 - 500 cm
Side height 225 cm
Ridge height 290 - 387 cm
Hight point 396 - 604 cm
Roof pitch 18º
Covered area 10,4 - 65 m2
Max. wind speed  80 km/h

You can find data and sizes for the standard Holiday Hexagonal below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical list.


    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER H-TENTS (1.5 MБ)

    Technical data of the tent HOLIDAY HEXAGONAL series H-TENTS RÖDER 400 - 1000 cm (1.8 MБ)



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