PAGODA C-TENTS - chic look and flexible adaptation

The pagoda marquee of RÖDER C-TENTS series combines a wide range of positive features: style, aesthetics, availability in different options and sizes and an application for a variety of purposes. A bid range of accessories helps to create a complete individualization of the tent. The great visual particularity is a high sharpened roof which provides a lot of space for decorative elements, sound and illuminative technologies or other accessories. The well-thought-out structure of pagoda marquee provides fast installation and disassembling practically in any possible place.

Span  300 - 600 cm  800, 1000 cm
Bay distance / grid  300 - 600 cm  400 / 500 cm
Side height  229 cm  240 / 300 cm
Ridge height  299 - 368 cm  382 -  485 cm
Hight point  396 - 565 cm  622 - 719 cm

pagoda tent for any occasion

Pagoda C-TENT multi-purpose as a tent for parties, a marquee, a holiday tent, a mobile sale area or a tent for events, private parties or big celebrations. Some variants of tents propose an possibility to use special variants of facades, doors and PVC-covering. Combining with additional technical accessories such as sound and illumination systems and individual furniture RÖDER tent becomes a center of each event.

tent scenery from pagoda tents

Several pagoda tents and other RÖDER tents as well can be combined for creating of attractive tent landscape (town) for events which requires a lot of space. Different design options and an innovative module system have an endless space for creativity without reducing an efficiency and flexible activity of solutions for premises.

two option of tents for successful presentation

The tents of C-TENTS series are available in two different versions: a classical tent Pagoda Highlight and Cubus Tent CUPOLA which impresses its modern aesthetics. Different sizes of both versions are available. Specials structures with individual dimensions can be fulfilled according to your request.

a roof with a character

The tent Pagoda Highlight of C-TENTS series with a specific roof structure which is characterized a high dome without buckles. This dome gives the tent a very stylish look. A carving in the upper part of the roof allows to include decorative elements such as flags.

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You can find a list of key information for the standard pagoda C-TENT Highlight below. If you need more detailed information please pay attention to a technical description.


    Overview of awning designs C-TENTS RÖDER (1.7 MБ)

    Technical data of the Pagoda tent series C-TENTS RÖDER 300 - 600 cm (1.7 MБ)

    Technical data of the Pagoda tent series C-TENTS RÖDER 800 / 1000 cm (1.7 MБ)



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