PARTY P-TENTS pavilion - classic, solid and durable

The Party tent of P-TENTS series from RÖDER of classic cut is available with a width of span in a range from 3 to 10 meters and it can be increased in length if necessary. A high stability, the good weather resistance and easy, fast installation make this tent indispensable regarding a rent these structures for the companies around the world.

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Span 300 - 1000 сm
Bay distance / grid not limited / 300 сm
Side height 229 сm
Ridge height 284 - 411 сm
Roof pitch 20º
Max. wind speed 80 km/h

You can find data and sizes for the standard Party tent of P-TENTS series below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    Overview of the tent structures of the P-TENTS RÖDER (2.1 MБ)

    Technical data the PARTY P-TENTS 3000 -10000 cm (1.9 MБ)



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