Facade system ALEA 2.0 - individual style

The facade system ALEA 2.0 from RÖDER sets stylish accents. Printed in an individual style the facade element provides a unique look, which will be remembered for a long time. The ALEA 2.0 proposes great halls of premium class with bright colors, high quality surfaces and a perfect idea for the intended use. The innovative strong gauze fabrics with a surface for printing up to 12 meters in height provide more freedom for design. The ALEA 2.0 is assembled directly at an object by means of connection elements and it can be freely modeled without an additional supporting structure.

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You can find data for the ALEA 2.0 facade system below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER S-TENTS (1.7 MB)



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