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The classic architectural solution, which defines trends of mobile tents and halls. The classic Solution conference hall of RÖDER Group of the S-TENTS series impresses the audience with its cubic shape and big window facades, which admit day light and illuminate the internal part of the hall. All materials used for the Solution classic meet the strictest quality requirements. Its module structure provides enough possibilities for expansion and as much place as you need. All these features help you to hold successful events that your guests will not forget.

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Span 1000 - 3000 cm
Bay distance / grid not limited / 500 cm
Side height 400 / 600 cm
Ridge height 448 - 734 cm
Roof pitch
Max. wind speed 130 km/h

You can find data regarding the standard Marquee Solution Classic of the S-TENTS series below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER S-TENTS (1.7 MB)

    Technical data of the SOLUTION CLASSIC tent of RÖDER S-TENTS series 1000 - 3000 cm (1.9 MB)

    Technical data of the SOLUTION CLASSIC XL tent of RÖDER S-TENTS 3000 cm (1.9 MB)



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