SOLUTION PLUS S-TENTS - elegance on two levels

The Solution Plus conference hall from RÖDER is prestigious and effective in an advertising. This kind of hall proposes enough space on two levels. It is convenient for exhibitions, congresses, trade events and other projects, which requires well-thought-out spatial concept. Premises of the Solution Plus halls with the width from 10 to 30 meters allows you to accommodate many people with comfort and safety. Additional accessories such as exclusive glass-aluminum facades, illumination and air conditioning systems and as well as suitable furniture successfully complete stylish look of this hall.

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Span 1000 - 3000 cm
Bay distance / Grid not limited / 500 cm
Side height of the first floor 415 cm
Side height of the second floor 400 / 600 cm
Ridge height 448 - 734 cm
Max. wind speed 130 km/h

You can find data for the standard Solution Plus tent of the S-TENTS series below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER S-TENTS (1.7 MB)

    Technical data of the SOLUTION PLUS RÖDER S-TENTS 1000 - 3000 cm (2.1 MB)



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