The tent with an arched roof from RÖDER T-TENTS series has been specially made for the needs of the automobile sector. It is ideal for the presentation of exclusive cars: as a part of a new presentation, as an exhibition stand, as a mobile trade hall or as a representative company center.  High skewed facades transmit a lot of light into the interior and have a stylish and attractive look. Of course, a size of tent can be adjusted according to any application scenario.

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Span 400 / 500 / 1250 / 1750 cм
Bay distance / grid 300 / 500 / 300 / 300 cм
Side height 230 / 240 / 310 / 300 cм
Ridge height 373 / 395 / 640 / 640 см
Roof pitch 20º / 25º / 18º / 18º
Max. wind speed 100 km/h

You can find data for the standard CURVE tent of T-TENTS series below. If you need information that is more detailed please pay attention to a technical passport.


    Overview of the tent structures of RÖDER T-TENTS (1.7 MB)

    Technical data of the CURVE tent of RÖDER T-TENTS 400 - 1750 cm (1.9 MB)



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