OCTAGONAL W-TENTS - the embodiment of style

The OCTAGONAL tent from the W-TENTS series has ten meters of width and height of walls to three meters. A particularity of the tent is successful, visually bright roof structure, which is realized either in a form of a gable roof or in the form of a membrane roof with a high peak. It depends on a taste and an application scenario.

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Span 1000 cm
Side length 383 / 383 cm
Side height 240 / 300 cm
Ridge height roof 422 / 482 cm
Ridge height membrane (peak) roof 572 / 632 cm
Roof pitch 20º
Covered area 70,7 m2
Max. wind speed 100 km/h

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    Overview of awning designs W-TENTS RÖDER (1.6 MБ)

    Technical data of the OCTAGONAL W-TENTS RÖDER 1000 cm (1.9 MБ)



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