A temporary tent of Big Tent series with an area of 1200 sq. m. was delivered and installed in Lviv.


The temporary tent for different events has been leased for a long time in Lviv. The premise was assembled from the structural elements of the temporary tent Big Tent with a span of 30 m and a length of 40 m. The height of the walls is 4 m, the height of the roof of the tent is 8,87 m. The tent was installed directly on the site, which left after demolition of the old building, scaffolding were the basis for the floor of the premise.

The calculation and installation of the podium from scaffolding was not difficult because TENT PLETTAC is a partner of Plettac, which is engaged in the supply and installation of scaffolding and hoists. Double leaf doors were installed for convenience of visitors of the events.

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