DODECAGONAL B-TENTS - the universal giant

The Dodecagonal tent of B-TENTS from RÖDER with the width of span 30 m is able to accommodate the biggest events. A large space is not only thing which proposes this tent. It also provides a lot of options for adjustment. In addition to complex illumination and sound systems, decorative devided elements and wide range of furniture the complete facade elements made of glass, aluminum or PVC can be installed as well.

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Span 3000 cm
Side height 300 / 400 cm
Side length  776 cm
Ridge height 787 / 887 cm
Roof pitch 18º
Covered area 675 m2
Max. wind speed 130 km/h

You can find a list of key information for the standard Dodecagonal tent from B-TENTS series below. If you need more detailed information please pay attention to a technical description.


    Overview of B-TENTS RÖDER awning designs (2.2 MБ)

    Technical data of BIG DODECAGONAL B-TENTS RÖDER 3000 cm (1.9 MБ)



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